.GDN – Global Domain Name

Dot gdn is Global Domain Name. A new generic extension that is for everyone, everywhere & everything. . GDN is the extension if you are a start-up, a small business, or even a professional in the global world and want to “MAKE YOUR PRESENSE GLOBALLY”. If you are an established brand or company with massive world presence, you can have a. gdn to perfect your niche by using it to drive traffic to your .com website, hence global domain name. It has no boundaries, no restriction and therefore no particular category.
Global Domain Name (.gdn) is for:
1. All professions
2. All Industries
3. All communities

We are global and have partnered up with Registrars worldwide to offer .gdn – global domain name no matter where you live. We strive to make .gdn accessible for the whole world so you can make your Presence Globally.

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